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At Elder Advisers we work tirelessly to help families financially plan for their loved one’s transition to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Did you know, every day, someone’s spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, friend or neighbor is unnecessarily spending their hard-earned money on a nursing home stay or forced to spend down their assets to qualify for Medicaid? In the U.S., the average nursing home stay is more than $6,200 a month – a costly expense that can easily wipe out an individual’s entire life savings in mere months. If that is not bad enough, some people needing more specialized medical care – only assisted living and nursing homes can provide – are unable to get the help they deserve because they have too many assets and do not qualify for Medicaid. This is called “over-resourced.” Do not let this happen to your family. You have options. Let Elder Advisers help! We want to ensure you too “Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home.” Call us today at (800) 763-7930, or visit our “Contact Us” page, for more information.
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At Kentucky ElderLaw, PLLC we help you understand your long-term care planning options, the benefits that may be available to help pay for care, and the estate planning needed to access those benefits, and we make sure your heirs are taken care of. People are excited to learn they don’t have to spend their life savings on the nursing home and that veteran’s benefits they have never even heard of may help them get care at home so they never even need a nursing home. At our very first meeting, we dispel the misinformation you may have heard about Medicaid. And that first meeting is free. When discussing long-term care, we are usually meeting with people who are age 60 or older, or who have a condition or illness that leads them to believe they will need care sooner than a healthier person. We work with people who have disabilities and with their families on special needs planning so that vital medical, housing and income benefits are put in place and stay in place. If you are not concerned about long-term care, whether because you have enough funds to cover that or because it’s too far in the future to worry about, we can help you put an estate plan in place so things go as smoothly as possible if you get to where you cannot act for yourself or if you pass away. You are never too young for that type of planning. Our attorneys have the knowledge and compassion to lead you through planning your estate and planning for long-term care, which can be daunting, confusing, and frustrating. Call us at (502) 581-1111 to arrange your free consultation or click here to contact us by email for an appointment.
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